Why Buy From Us?

Like so many people, my wife and I had heard about CBD and it’s many benefits so we began buying products here and there. But things like dosages and quality and where the CBD came from always seemed to be different product to product and some never even stated them.

Since I was giving this to my family and my dog it was important that whatever we take in is healthy and the best quality possible. No junk or sketchy suppliers.

So I found a reputable supplier whose hemp is grown here in Wisconsin and their CBD is extracted in a small town facility in Sussex.   We even researched the different carriers for the CBD…things like high MCT Coconut Oils and high quality organic and vegan approved cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oils.

All the research and work was worth it, as I feel we’ve found the best quality ingredients for our CBD products.  In fact, I’m pretty excited about the whole thing!

We hope you are as excited about our products as we are!