How Much Do I Take?

Knowing just how much CBD to take is one of the most confusing parts of buying CBD enriched products.  Even worse is the vague way products are labeled.  When you see a bottle labeled as “1000mg”, that means there are 1000mg in the ENTIRE bottle.  Not each dose.  To figure each dose over a thirty day period, just take the number on the label and divide it by 30.  For example:  1000 mg divided by 30 days is 33mg per dose.

Here’s an easy formula to figure out a good starting daily dose for you:
Take 1 mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight.

Some examples:

  • 80 pounds = 8mg daily
  • 100 pounds = 10mg daily
  • 150 pounds = 15mg daily
  • 200 pounds = 20mg daily
  • 250 pounds = 25mg daily
  • 300 pounds = 30mg daily

Keeping up with a daily dose is like topping off the tank in your car so it’s always full each day.  Sometimes we take the old car out for a longer, harder drive and really need to fill it up, that’s when a Mega Dose is needed.  A Mega Dose is just a higher than normal dose of CBD for things like sleep, aches and pains or certain ailments.  CBD has been found to be safe even when taken in much higher doses.  In fact, some ailments are helped best with a Mega Dose.

Items such as bath bombs are a great way to get a Mega Dose because they are absorbed directly into the pores of your skin.  Balms and lotions are also a great way to get a larger dose directly where it is needed, like achy joints and hands.  These also absorb quickly through the skin.

For the most part though… on a daily basis all we need is a small daily dose to keep things running smooth.
Sometimes less really IS more.

As always, check with your doctor before you start taking any type of supplement.